Friday, October 31


A big shout-out...

to Karlophone. Thanks for the disc. I like it a whole bunch. Again, I encourage any readers out there (all four of you) into things hip-hop to download the .mp3 samples and give your eardrums something good and meaty to chew.

I'm out. Peace.


You wanna know why - because I'm...

October 31st - that is my date of birth
I got to the party and I did the Smurf.

Thursday, October 30


*Thursday Three*

Thanks to Miss Lis at das Rockhaus.

1. Best Horror Film

--- Growing up I was not big into horror/thriller films (or 'weirdies', as Mom called them), so I came to the party rather late. However, I have to give a nod to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre that I saw on a Vermont weekend trip in High School. All these years later, I still get the heebs from, not the gore, but possibly the most creepy character *ever*.

2. What do you most want to find in your goodie bag?

--- "Right on, man!" Actually, I'm big on Goldenberg's Peanut Chews. But I'd gladly trade-up to a Marathon bar, if anybody can find one.

3. Best costume ever? (yours or someone elses.)

--- I think the "Crest Team" at the MICA Halloween party, circa 1989. Really funny.


Long live The King

We're having an early Halloween at work today. My co-workers will be bringing around their children for trick-or-treating today at 4 PM. Since I missed out last year, I've gotten, well, um kinda possessed with a costume this year.

Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has entered the building.

That's old, fat Elvis, not young Elvis or comeback Elvis. And not 'on stage' Elvis. More of a casual, Thursday afternoon, post-Karate, pre-grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich Elvis.

"Yeah, bay-buh."

Wednesday, October 29


'Hollywood Squares' won't take you either.

Hear that flushing sound, Courtney? That's your mainstream credibility falling into the crapper. Maybe after this all blows over, your "real" fanbase will rally to your book/Hole reunion tour. Or perhaps they'll realize your a big fake, too.

Maybe you don't remember me. 'HFStival? 1995? While you were onstage showing your ass and flipping off the crowd, I was the guy with his back turned waiting for you to finish...

...I think you're finished.

Oh, and good luck Frances.

Tuesday, October 28


In the woods.

This evening I dropped in on George to discuss the BTM brochure. I really hadn't done much since this weekend, but I started adding the photomontage. Oy! It's a killer.

After reviewing the current design, there are still more elements we want to add. Plus we need to get the rest of the photography squared away. I plan working on it during lunchtime the rest of this week and e-mailing progress images to George. It looks like another Sunday in the office.


In the ghetto.

For those that have never seen me at work, I share a doublewide cube with Bill. Previous occupants had removed the dividing wall, thus creating the "ubercube", or rather the "ubicle".

Earlier this week two other co-workers moved to this side of the office, also creating their version of the double-sized cube. However theirs seems much more nice and sleek, causing to re-christen ours:

the "slumicle".

Monday, October 27



Got a hit from school chum Karl this morning. Seems he stumbled onto t.i.y.s thanks to late nite Googling. We spent many an eve on the top floor of the Fox building way back when. ("It's just a bad painting...bad painting...bad painting...)

For the past few years he's been all things webby to the band Weezer, as well as their tour photographer. Take some time and check out his site; he's been makin' some of his own tunes.


The Best Batch Yet.

For Sunday dinner, Heather went above and beyond. Her version of Puerto Rican pork roast with beans and rice was simply phenomenal. We were happy to share with Jon, from Chameleon, and great friends Mike, Meg and baby Cate. After our second helpings, (and a few glasses of Sangria) the Anthropology Department was open.

Jon started by de-mystifying sweetbreads, and cassoulet for me. Later, he told of an elderly wine merchant he knew in South Louisiana. How the great cocktail hours then moved into market trips, and amazing dinner times, all served with perfect accompanying bottles of wine.

Mike gave us some New York stories. About how his usual Upper West Side barber shop was shipped in its entirety, marble floors to original chairs, from Italy back in the early 1900's. He told of his friends' Spanish bar in the Meat-Packing district, long before it was a hipster enclave.

Cate told us, "Auuugggh-aaaaaaaaaaaahh! Da-da-da! Hlm-blim!", because she's only fourteen month old.

Good times.... Good times...

Sunday, October 26


Think ink.

After a busy morning of errands with Heather, I trucked across town to get George. We were on our way to my office in Cockeysville to work some more on the BTM brochure. But before we hit the pixels, we got a barbecue wing fix at The Charcoal Deli. Once at Breakaway, we got to work on firming-up the brochure layout.

The center page background is comprised of traditional tattoo designs, laid-out like old-school flash. Since George had the expertise with inking these pages for real, I gave him a crash course on using the Wacom tablet. Within minutes, he was creating beautiful ink-wash style gradients under the bold line work. About an hour later, a subtle backdrop to work in photographs and text was ready for our next meeting.


Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?

The end of Daylight Savings Time snuck up on me this year. Only by catching part of a local newscast last night did I realise that today is the last Sunday of October. So, of course, I have plans to meet George at 11:30 this morning. Or is that really 12:30, but actually 10:30?

Saturday, October 25


Have a seat.

Thanks to neighbor Rich, we borrowed his Ford pickup and hit Home Anthology for our three blue chairs.

Now that they're home, Heather and I are (naturally) rethinking the entire living room. Our current solution is to make our media-viewing room in the finished basement, leaving our front parlour for reading and music-listening. Now that the eventual has moved into the imminent, it's finally time for me to heavily edit the "loading dock" I've got going on in the clubroom. That's years of collections, papers, posters, and general *crap* I can't seem to part with. The benefit is maybe it'll get me inspired for setting-up the office there, too.

Then I can have Martha f***ing Stewart over for crumpets and stock tips.



Last night we ate at Cafe Zen for some Mu-shu and Kung-pow. When the fortune cookies arrived, mine promised: "You will have a comfortable retirement,". Yeah, sure. Lately it feels like I can't have a comfortable employment.

Years ago, fresh out of college and gainfully employed, I didn't face the struggles my many contemporaries did in thankless day jobs or from their parents' basements. I felt as if I were the conquering hero, no more beasts to slay, professionally speaking. Even as I moved onto another position, I lived in this suspended sense of self-gratified hubris for many years. Anything I wanted was within my grasp.

Having one's job taken away knocks you down a notch. On top of that, trying to ,and unsuccessfully, co-found one's own company in a harsh economic climate knocks you down a few more. Once a full-time opportunity arose and I resettled professionally, I now notice the tables have turned. Many of those contemporaries have created other careers, and found successes. Meanwhile it feels as if I'm flipping the proverbial burgers, scratching to make all ends meet. Don't get me wrong. By no means am I ungrateful for the things I have. And I'm certainly not living the life of an ascetic. It just feels like I've hit a plateau.

I spoke with an old friend lately. To be brief, his situation makes mine pale by comparison. After a long time searching, something came to him very recently and has fantastic potential. It's things like this that still give me hope.

...And the Kung-pow chicken was excellent.

Friday, October 24



When nobody was looking, Bill and I snuck out of work early and went to State Salvage.

Now, if I was in the market for a well-used vintage steel desk, I'd have hit the jackpot. There were easily fifty to choose from in varying degrees of repair and a few that extraordinary mid-century aquamarine color. Meanwhile, in the land of misfit furniture there was a school bus yellow waiting room set with chrome feet and about a dozen danish rip-off office chairs. Perhaps next visit I'll get serious about a cheap wood worktable(about $20 American).


Curious George

It was nice to have a quiet chat with George yesterday. Usually when I see him at the BTM, he's either carving on people or just running around hither and yon. Other than furniture moving, we had the museum brochure to discuss, but more on that some other entry.

Then our conversations drifted to all points on the map. He brought up things like Bunuel's autobiography, Dali's personal life, Daedalus Books, the original meanings behind tattoos, and the controversy behind Robowaru. Whew!

Thursday, October 23


Thursday Three

Got Miss Lis to get her ass in gear an hook me up with a *Thursday Three*:

1. What CD can you not stop listening to lately?

--- Elephant by The White Stripes ever since Bill brought in the CD for me to burn. When I get burned on that (like, after 5 times straight), I usually hit-up Zappa Radio at

2. Best family vacation as a kid?

--- I've been to Sanibel Island, FL at least fifteen times since 1980, thanks to my parents interval ownership condominium. We'd go in August. Yes. August. Florida. In August. Oy! So, no, NOT Sanibel. Burned-out on it.

I think my fave is my first trip to Walt's Evil Empire around '76 or '77. That was fun. Except for the two day drive. That sucked.

3. If you could be driving ANYTHING, what would you be driving?

--- My ailing 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL. *sniffle!* *sob!* I'll take that ten pound box of hundreds right about now...


Freddie's Dead.

That's what I said. Rest in Peace, Rerun.


Take it away.

George is coming at 4:30 today. He's taking away this dresser-table, um, thingy. Let me explain...

Several years ago, I was renting a room in the House of Men. I was lucky to have a huge closet for storage, but I wanted something in my actual bedroom for small storage, knick-knacks, and, maybe one day, a computer. So I decided to have something custom built. My master plan was a bar-height table with shelving, also incorporating a pair of souvenir steer horns and a salvaged woodframed mirror.

The carpenter I hired was known for his use of salvaged materials, high chroma stains, and general mayhem. The piece he delivered was a bright green table top with an offset drawer underneath, dyed yellow, and sporting both a white knob and a handle made from a branch. The table top has two miniature bookshelves on either end, with a steer horn mounted on the outer side, and the mirror nestled between. The two front legs have a carved wavy edge, stained bright yellow with red flames shooting upward. This behemoth served me well for several years in my swingin' bachelor pad.

Then I moved. The piece now sits in my clubroom basement, originally intended for the bar back for a lounge I never created. It currently serves as a repository for all things retro: Bowling memorabilia, die-cast classic cars, cocktail shakers. Since George moved into a new rental in Hampden, I figured he could take it on permanent loan. I'm certain it will serve him well in the "grotto".

Wednesday, October 22


Generally specific.

For about 2 weeks I've been plugging away at some 3D graphics for a non-violent political simulation. Aside from dealing with the surreality of the game concept to begin with, on top of that, we need to arrive at a 'Worldwide Style' for the buildings graphically. For example, a Ministry of Defense headquarters would look at home in a scenario in Zimbabwe as well as the Czech Republic or in the Pacific Rim.

It brings to mind some of the painting advice I used to get from one of my instructors; finding the 'Specific Generality' of a scene as you were painting it. It usually got the lead out of fiddling to get every last detail of a still life, interior or landscape.

Back in the present, pouring over photo references culled from National Geographic, I try to take that pearl of wisdom and bend to find a solution for here at work.

But with government buildings of the Third World this simply translates to 'Ugly-ass Bauhaus-inspired cheap architecture'.

Tuesday, October 21


Oh deer!

Driving out the back way from work, I caught glimpse of a deer in the middle of the back lot. It's the first one I'd seen in a long time.


I'm going as a Curmudgeon this year.

The buzz for Halloween is starting. I try to think about the best Halloween I ever had and, quite frankly, I can't remember one. Don't misunderstand me. I look forward to this holiday every year. But I suppose it looks better on paper.

I guess it got less and less fun the more adult I got. As a kid in my old neighborhood, it was parties, cupcakes and parades at school. In my new neighborhood, it was a little less personal and more competitive; who got the most of the best candy. Plus, at this point, I was a neurotic mess over my costume.

In my adult years, I'll admit, I did have fun at the MICA parties. But post-college, the costumed events I've been to don't live up to the hype. I often find myself surrounded by disguised near-strangers, half-bombed on Natty Boh and other substances, planning to keep the buzz going all night long. It's like what St. Patrick's Day has become: Amateur Night.

I think I realized I was over this behavior the trip I took to New Orleans in 1999. I went with friends to a terribly mediocre tattoo convention in a cheap hotel in a Louisiana suburb. We did go to The French Quarter a few nights for some rock shows, but mostly my cohorts wanted to drink, drink and drink.

On the actual All Hallows Eve we attended a fantastic show. The concept was local bands performing as famous bands. I was blown away that one act was performing as one of my favorite, obscure British bands. I could only catch half their set because the rest of the crew wanted to go to The Quarter and... Well, you know already.

The next day, I treated myself to a tattoo; a butterfly with a key for its body. At the time, I was negotiating the contract for my house, and I wanted a commemoration of this event. What I got was my least favorite tattoo, put on by a future murder victim. Yuck.

Since that trip, I've become more focused on trying to make Halloween more fun for kids, rather than for me. So when you knock on my door, make sure you belt it out, buddy. That way you get the most of the best candy.

Monday, October 20



It's pretty quiet here at work today. I allegedly have a meeting sometime today. In the meantime,I'm pushing some 3D graphics around.

It seems like half the department is harboring an early cold. If I'm lucky, I'll slip past the grasp of Fall illness.

In other news, the FP I was lamenting over on 10/14 accepted the position here. If I'm lucky, I'll slip past his grasp too.

Sunday, October 19



We dropped the family-in-law at BWI around 11. Heather and I decompressed around town first hitting the last hour of the Farmer's Market. We hit-up Reid's Orchard for a gajillion apple varieties, then cut over to the pit beef stand for an early lunch and quickly ran past the Key Coffee stand for a pound of beans.

Afterwards, we dropped in on our friend Leslie at her shop In Watermelon Sugar. We took a quick browse at some new items and grabbed a scented candle. Then we just shot the bull for a half hour or so.

It was then time to come home, mellow-out with a candle and doze to a classic Cary Grant movie on the telly.



Quite a day yesterday. Me, the wife, Connie, Joe, and Cooper packed in the car and headed to Nordie's Rack.

Breaking tradition, I actually found a pair of casual suede shoes that fit me very well. After browsing about an hour with Connie, Heather found a long, formal-looking overcoat which looks smashing on her. (Oh, and a pair of shoes, of course.) Connie was the winner of the day finding a steal on a 100% cashmere coat. A quick stop to Aldo in the mall got Joe a sleek pair of black slip-ons. We then treated ourselves to another fine lunch at Parsa Kabob.

Back in the Maxima, we trucked over to the now open Home Anthology, mainly for Rob and Ni to meet Heather's family. However, after a browse of the shop, Connie put got her interior design mojo working. She offered to help us obtain* a set of three blue upholstered chairs with dark wood legs. (Even as I write this entry, I'm still a little in shock.) Twenty minutes later, we had the distinction of being H.A.'s first purchase in the new space.

(If you follow this link to, look at the second photo under Oct. 13 and you can see the chairs peeking out at the right.)

We then trucked down the hill for more antiquing at Ellicott City. Heather and I realized after a day so busy, trying to enjoy the hive of activity that is Tapas would perhaps be too much. So we made reservations at Chameleon Cafe.

Now, anyone who knows me will tell you I will hype Chameleon 'til doomsday. And this opportunity is no exception. Far and away, the best meal I've ever had there. We all split charcuterie, duck salad, escargots, and fried oysters for starters. Connie and I ordered a killer pork chop, Joe got the oyster-stuffed quail and Heather had a little lamb (little lamb, little lamb.) Cooper got a quality grilled cheese with home made fries I actually envied. Oh, and the greatest bottle of Beaujolais. (Well, two bottles.)

So, how was your weekend?

*For those keeping a tally at home, that's one Maxima, one rug, and three chairs.

Saturday, October 18


Q: What do I have in common with William Shatner?

A: We both needed a new rug.

Yesterday afternoon I met-up with the 'rents-in-law and Heather at Ikea as they were discussing an area rug. Connie picked it out; it's dark red with a Paul Klee/Joan Miro kinda "doodle" on it that looks like a cursive "W". It looks great in our living room.

This morning, we're a preparing for another busy day of commerce all over the area. Toontown and Ellicot City, culminationg with din-din at Tapas.

Friday, October 17



This is *thisisyoursignal* requesting an all points communication check.


The moment you've all been waiting for...

The in-laws (and the little brother-in-law) are in today. After a haphazard week of cleaning, emergency furniture purchases, and more cleaning, we are just about ready for their arrival late this morning. Actually, Heather has to fend for herself for a few hours. I have a relatively big meeting today at work, so I can't take a personal day.

The plan is to let them loose at Ikea this afternoon. Since there isn't one nearby Lexington, the novelty of it all is huge.

I plan to meet-up with them at the big mall this evening where we will repeat the process at that store with all the shoes.

Thursday, October 16


Get'cher 3/4 sleeve concert shirt outta the mothballs...

BIll strikes again. Today our featured ROCK is the unofficial soundtrack to sixth grade.


*Thursday Three*

Thank to Miss Lis, I have something to jot down this morning.

1. If you had the choice of living on nothing but bread and water, or never having sex again, which would you choose? Bear in mind, if you choose the bread and water option, your sex life doesn't get to be any better than it is now (or will be in the future, I'm just saying you wont get any more than you normally would).

--- I'd go for the bread and water. If it's my choice, a local artisanal bread, please. And cold, filtered water, thank you. (Besides, I'm sure Heather would sneak me some leftovers every once in a while.)

2. You're dead - welcome to the afterlife. You've just gotten settled in, and you're having your first dinner party - who all's invited? What's for dinner?

--- My guest list would be famous people I admire, mostly entertainers: Zappa, Cash, Bill HIcks, Jim Henson, Miss Patsy Cline. And I'm leaving out a few rowdies because I'm having some family over too: my Grampa Charlie and I'll get to meet both fraternal grandparents. (Is there whiskey in my heaven?)

Food is a no brainer. I'll take a typical Sunday dinner from Gramma's house, circa 1978: pork Marinara with sausage, home made Manicotti, a side of Linguine and cheep red wine.

3. Where's the most unusual place you ever got busy? (this is a very juvenile question, well, these are ALL juvenile questions, I know that, but it's my blog and I'll ask if I want to - you want serious commentary on world issues and new software, I can only ask, what the HELL are you doing here?)

--- Florida.

Thanks, Lis.

Wednesday, October 15


Rock. Food. Crash.

Got to hear some new Rock, thanks to his Billness. Last night, he hit his local public library and brought in his quarry: forties Jazz, that one album from the Sneaker Pimps and Elephant by the White Stripes. Ahh. Melodic Punk, thy name is Jack.

Heather made time for lunch with me after she did secret things (shhhhhh!). We hit the buffet at India Palace and took BIll with us. Over my second helping of a killer Chicken Tika Masala, I wondered aloud why some of my more pleasurable ethnic dining experiences happen at restaurants in strip malls. This happen to anyone else?

On the way back we noticed our coworker, Pete, had been in a fender bender back on the main drag. After Heather dropped us at work, Bill and I doubled back in the Mighty Tortoise to offer any assistance. Once at the scene, Pete gave us the details while waiting for the police.

It seems the Jeep in front of him stopped dead in it's lane for a wandering raccoon. (He killed the little bastard anyway.) With no time to react, Pete wedged the Honda under the Cherokee's rear bumper. Ye-ouch!

Tuesday, October 14


Rock I need.



White Stripes

Public Enemy




The Who


Strange bedfellows

My former producer is two rooms away giving the dog and pony show. The same FP who is a political machine. The same FP who left our start-up at the eleventh hour (more like 11:58). The same FP who wanted to convince me W. was the best candidate in 2000. The same FP I hoped I would escape while working here and never have to work with again.

This industry kills me. A little at a time every day.


Move over Casanova.

I know the way to my woman's heart. Chocolates? No. Roses? Puh-leese. I'll tell you the secret combination:

Pulled pork and a sewing machine.

Monday, October 13


Hey! Guess what I did two years ago!

I went and got hitched! That's what.

Weddings are fun. All the planning, the details, the mix-ups, the emotions. (No, it's not like American Chopper.) You get caught up in the swirling dervish of that one day. I have plenty of fond, sweet memories that outshine the darkest moments.

Yes, weddings are fun. Marriages are better.

Happy Anniversary, Baby.

Sunday, October 12


Sunday morning horrors

Up early. Hot chai. Target run. Then that Swedish store I can't stop going to...

While leaving Tar-zhay, we noticed a well-dressed white-haired lady leaving the parking lot at the same time. Why so fancy for the Target? We figured she's gettting some shopping in before church. With an hour plus to kill before Ikea opens, we went to the Barnes and Noble.

Waiting in the car for the five minutes or so before the bookshop opens, who do we see but w-d/w-h lady pounding on the door. Observing her from a safe distance, we noted how she nervously stamped her feet, clutched at her collar and, um, well, just acted nuts. We reckon she's showing up for work.

This is the first time I ever browsed a bookshop so early in the morning. I recommend it for those wishing to escape the obnoxious teenagers waiting for their movie to begin next door. Ahhh.... Just the sound of the vacuum cleaner, disgruntled employees, awful world-beat/house music and...

What's that horrible tinny voice I hear? Egad! it's w-d/w-h lady bothering the poor bastard at the cashwrap!
>gasp!< She doesn't work here. She just hangs-around here! AIEEEEE! No! Noooo! Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

Quick, to the blue Scandinavian building!

Saturday, October 11



Heather wanted to see the new shop for Home Anthology (a link will be coming soon, I swear). So after lunch we drove out to Oella Mills.

Compared to last week, the improvement was dramatic. Rob and Ni had set up smaller room groupings throughout the entire space. Shortly after our arrival, we were all moving furniture, lamps, tables, rugs and knick-knacks to fill-in the empty places. Then once Rob's brother, Joe, and his wife, Lee, arrived an hour later, things really took off.

Bill, Jen and Bill's visiting sister, Renie, dropped-in for a short look-see around the joint. With mouths agog, needless to say, they were plenty impressed.

After more placing, shoving, and tweaking, this day of Trading Spaces (only with nice people and un-painted furniture) cuminated with dinner at La Palapa Grill. Ay, Caramba!



After breakfast we did some basic yardwork around the house, and, good God what a mess. Aside from the ugly-ass bamboo slowly eating the side yard, there's just too many damn trees dropping huge branches and leaves everywhere. The azaleas have grown thick and leggy. Plus the acorns are starting to fall from the ancient over-hanging limbs from the neighbor's yard.

And the damn mosquitoes aren't dead yet!

Anybody got some napalm I could use? We may adopt a scorched earth policy here on Tyndale Avenue.


Well, Good Morning to you too.

Our older cat decided to play Lassie. Most cat owners know what I'm talking about: (s)he may jump on your head, make muffins, or cry and purr unceasingly until you rise and ask, "What's that, Lassie? Timmy's stuck in the well?"

It's cute. But not at 4:20 in the f*#king goddamn morning. Nope. Wrong answer. Thanks for playing.

I'm sure all my dear readers with children are giving me the "Yeah? That's nothing!" business right about now...

But I didn't make my cat.

Friday, October 10


Bad news/ Good news

The bad news is we had to take the car into the evil auto repair shop, taking full advantage of their lifetime warranty on (substandard, crappy) brakepads. (We got ceramic pads put on.)

The good news is we ate Parsa Kabob for lunch. (The beef with pita bread is a classic.)



So Heather and I started early. We gave each other our anniversary gifts last night instead of waiting until Monday. Neither of our gifts are "romantic" in the traditional sense, but, fret not. I'm certain we'll each get mushy and think, "Awww, Sweetie," everytime we use them.

I'm the proud new owner of one Dura Bottle thermos by Zojirushi. I think I mentioned once to Heather I would sure love to have our coffee from home at work. And, voilĂ , I've got a thermos with an elephant on it!

I gave Heather a porcelain glove mold. No, she's not taking up glove making as a hobby. It's actually used as a jewelry stand for all of her priceless baubles and pendants.

Then we really celebrated early and treated ourselves at our favorite local haunt, the Chameleon Cafe. Here's the rundown: duck salad with figs, quail with oyster stuffing, beef short ribs over a home-made noodle, charcuterie, chocolate truffle cake, creme brulee, and a bottle of Ravenswood. Whew!

Thursday, October 9


I'm a rocker. I rock-out.

On the way home yesterday, I surfed the radio and stumbled onto the notorious 98 Rock. I got a chance to hear most of a live version of Black Dog I hadn't heard before. It took me back to my younger days as a Classic Rock fanboy in the Eighties. Back then, it was all about the guitar riff and the soaring vocals. Now, listening with a wisened ear, it's all about the rhythm section. Damn! Did they carry that band, or what?

Despite all the Punk,, Classiscal, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Avant Garde music I've found since my late teens, I still gotta give it up for Zep.


What a friend we have in cheeses.

So I came home last night to find Heather waiting outside with our good neighbors Mike, Meg, and Baby Cate. As we took a stroll around the block, they informed us they fell into a batch of fantastic "third-hand cheeses". A friend of theirs had a soiree the night before trying to unload a batch of leftovers from a previous party, and Mike brought home some loot.

How could I refuse?

We sat down to an impromptu meal of brie, stilton, roquefort and a few others I didn't bother to commit to memory. Plus a glass of champagne, marinated tomatoes, tortellini with pesto and various breads and crackers. (Plus a killer apple cake Heather brought up.)

To understate the result, I overdid it. Such to the point of writhing most of the night with a bellyache.

My conscience: Gosh? From what? Hmm. Could it be all tha milkfat and mold you scarfed down with impunity?

Me: Aww, shaddap!

If it's possible to have a cheese hangover, I've got a doozy.

Wednesday, October 8



In today's meeting at work, it appears the project I was assigned may (thankfully and finally) fall victim to a mercy killing. Basically, for the past month, we've been assessing another company's broken game. Their hope: fix it by the end of the year. Our answer: more like eighteen months, buddy.

Luckily other projects are "in the hopper".

Gentlemen, make your time.


California Uber Alles

OH...My...GOD. When I first heard the news last night I was cracking-up hysterically. This morning, I now realize, it's not over - oh no - it's only just begun.

Sure, it'll be real funny at first: cutsie media headlines, then footage of Arnie flubbing speeches in his Teutonic monotone. Then next Fall it'll happen. Arnold will campaign on behalf of the President seeking his second term. Disenfranchised voters will crawl out of the woodwork, just like last night, and vote because the "Governator"(tm) told them to. Fifty-four electoral votes will swing to the GOP.

Suddenly my podunk little state doesn't seem so bad.

Tuesday, October 7


...The jig is up.

Try as I might, I couldn't keep this a secret until next Monday. I wanted to surprise Heather on our 2nd anniversary, but when I put out the word to all my kooky "blogging friends", I forgot to mention my plan.

So now Sweetie is reading (or rather proofreading). I better watch my ass.



The Maxima is totally sewn-up. After waiting with Heather most of the day, the inspection was complete, only after getting the rear brake pads replaced ($$). Ten minutes later, courtesy of Fred's Tag Service, the registration and tags were handled ($$).

Meanwhile, Rob called in and let me know the A-Frame sign for Home Anthology would be done by the same company doing their banners. We agreed that if they wanted a hand-painted sign in the future, they'd let me know. That's totally cool with me.

Monday, October 6


Sign of the times

Somehow I convinced Rob and Ni I could deliver a sandwich-board style sign for them for their new shop. I'm estimating about a hundred bucks just for materials alone. That's a bunch more than I expected. I could almost guarantee a local professional shop could beat about any price I give them, even though I would love to tackle a project like this.


Better luck next time...

Just when I forget I have to share the same damn planet with this oxygen thief, sure enough, she shows up in the news. Meanwhile in hell, Satan is laughing his cloven hooves off at the work his spawn has done here on Earth.

Ms. Obvious, do us and Frances Bean a favor and finish the job.


Hog Heaven

Bill and Jen had their house warming yesterday as a thank-you to all of us who helped them move into their new house. It was great. The weather was crisp, the beer was cold, and the food from Andy Nelson's was devine. I swear, no pig dies in vain over at Andy's.

Heather called in from the road several times. Her drive back was realtively un-eventful, save for the near-miss with a bobcat. Yes, that's right. That would be the large-cat mountain predator, not a tiny, robust construction vehicle. She rolled into the party about 6:45. I was so glad to see her. (I still am this morning too. Ain't lurve grand?)

Sunday, October 5


Ouch! My brain!

Didn't do much yesterday except nurse a killer headache. Maybe it's because I haven't been sleeping well with Heather gone, maybe it's because Mollie jumped on me at Only-God-knows-what-time-it-is o'clock, maybe it's the weather. Anyway, by 4 pm I was needing some nappage.

About the only thing I did manage yesterday was to see Rob and Nini's new shop for Home Anthology. It's a huge wing in the Oella Mills building with 15-foot ceilings, oversized windows and one end overlooking the Patapsco River thirty feet below. Already their entire inventory is moved in and they have started to paint certain areas in various mod colors. It's a very impressive space and I'm sure they will have it arranged beautifully in no time.

Friday, October 3


Back in the crappy saddle again

I got the Subaru back today. After 2 weeks in a rental, I'll admit it: I'm spoiled. The Mitsubishi was not exactly a highway star, but I got used to the working climate controls, the non-squeaky brakes and the CD player. Being away from the Legacy for this long made me forget how run-down she really is.

Just one more Winter. That's all I ask.

Thursday, October 2


Auto news

Heather called me from Kentucky this morning; the Maxima is ours. (Thanks, Connie!) It seemed the process for transfer of title was a piece of cake. While on the phone with her, I mentioned I hadn't heard from Mike at the Kimmel for several days. I suspected nothing was new (or at least good) with the Subaru and was preparing for the worst. Plus I needed to make an appointment for the Nisssan for a MD inspection. Right on cue another call came in on the cel...

Mike gave me the skinny on the wagon. It seems the mounting screw on the ignition relay on this generation of Legacy eventuatlly works loose, causing a major power surge and making koo-koo with all the sensors and the electricals. Yeesh! Luckily, it's fixable, so we can squeeze another season out of our intrepid little Subaru.

After 3 years, me and the wife are finally a 2 car family.

Wednesday, October 1


As the Wing Turns

Is it me or have things on West Wing turned a little soapy? Granted it's always had a Democratic Party infomercial feel about it, but it seems this season has gotten a little to, um, squishy.

At least Bravo can save me via syndication for the "Sorkin Administration".

Hey! Why not?

Since I seem to spend so much time looking at other blogs...

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