Saturday, March 27


Chilies, vodka, and olives

This morning we awoke about seven, needing coffee and having none. After a quick assessment of our options, we remembered The Golden West on The Avenue. Earlier this year, the restaurant left their tiny rowhouse space opting for a triple wide address up the street. On Valentine's day, we tried our best to elbow our way onto the waiting list. After five minutes of no acknowledgement of our existence, we opted for a sub-standard brunch at the Hon.

Not today. Opening at eight, we drove across town, parked in front and lurked for 20 minutes.

First in the door, the coffee was hot and the biscuits with home made jam not far behind. I opted for the chorizo burrito smothered in green chili sauce. Yow! Real spicy. Definitely not for beginners. Heather had a more mellow and tasty egg and bacon quesadilla with honest-to-God hash browns. The food never kept us away from the old spot, just the 25 minute wait to eat in a cramped former living room.

We then restocked our coffee and imbibable stock at The Wine Source. With dinner plans with the LockarDugans tonight, we planned a cocktail hour before our reservations. Knowing their favorite poison, we consulted the owner for a recommendation. Now, with Vodka being the new black, there's lots of flavors, lots of pretty bottles and plenty of revenue to be made for somebody, for sure. We finally settled on a liter, opting for a strike between style and substance.

On the way home, we hit the new Italian shop at Belvedere Square. Very clean; very aromatic. One thing I liked was the plain white boxes of ravioli, shells, and manicotti stacked floor-to-ceiling in the fridge cases. It reminded me of the marker-scrawled boxes of pasta at places like American Ravioli's or Latona's back around Gram and Gramp's house.

And the meat. Oh, the meat. Big, beautiful slabs of dry-aged beef, flavored sausages, pork, lamb and whole chickens. I've already planned several special event meals in my mind.

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