Monday, March 29


ciò è il vostro segnale

One of the characteristics that of Google they are evidencing from the homepage is their translator moment. For the grins I have translate the blog to then of new Italian and to English for one sure fantastic accidental poetry. Here it is my starter shaft from yesterday:

Sunday, 28 March

More Speaks About the Food.

They are happy for signaling the past night that we have had other successful lunch to the Chameleon.

Slab of Monkfish is ventured me in one. It is to align, it is the lobster of the poor man. A fish is a lot much tender cake and -- not to ribbons -- with one nearly analogous structure of the combs. Chef more Jeff has coupled it with play-in on of the filled with smoke bacon of the often-slab sweet the fat quality.

In advance payment, the Invoice and Jen were expresses for the hour of the cocktail. We have introduced they it bottle of witha of the vodka of shed one, that immediately uncorked and she was stirred in two smooth V&T much.

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