Thursday, March 11


"Let's go, Hel-ga!"

This morning I received an e-mail from fellow blogger and new reader Rob:

Q: Now that baseball season is upon us, and you've confessed your Jersey roots, what team do you root for?
(Unless of course you hate baseball which would make the question, moot at best)

A: It's a fairly moot question. My older brother is the baseball (and sports) fan in the family. Living 30 miles West of NYC, we grew up with the Yankees on channel 11 every weekend. On a few occasions, my dad would get tickets for games in 'Da Bronx'. I never played little league, collected cards or knew about anybody outside of the '78 championship team.

Since moving to town, and subsequently being friends and roommates with a serious O's fan, I've found myself at Camden Yards on more than one occasion. But as far as players, trades, stats, stats, and, well, more stats, it may as well as be opera. Although there's no beer at the opera.

So which hat do I wear? Is that the more honest question? For sure, its the black cap with the bird, for civic pride and the zeitgeist of my adopted home town.

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