Friday, March 19


Let's ROCK!

Hey, bloggers! Are you ready for the Thursday Three? This ones all about live rock 'n roll shows.

1. Last band you went to see?

Hmmm. I think it may have been the Supersuckers country show extravaganza down at Fletcher's. For the uninitiated, the 'Suckers are a seminal alt.punk band that, from time to time, don the ten-galon hats and rodeo belt buckles and throw down on some old school Americana. It's not all tounge-in-cheek irony; these guys really love the stuff. One of the highlights: their rendition of Sail On by the Commodores. Pure magic.

2. Next band you're going to see? (or if you have no current plans to go to a show, next show you *would* go to, were the opportunity to present itself...)

Well, if the Campers are back in full force, I'm down with that. And if the Pixies really deliver on the reunion, well then, HELL YEAH, BRING IT!

3. Best show you ever saw (or if you're IN a band, the best show you ever played - which ever suits your fancy)

Ironically, I was just talking about this the other day over the lunchtable. I've seen lots of great shows, especially at the old 930. But the one that pops to mind is the Jane's Addiction show in 1989 (?).

The place was packed beyond packed, so we're all crammed cheek-to-jowl in a stinky little punk club. The band took stage, Perry Farrell wearing green opera gloves, a cowboy hat, and a pair of mirrored shades. The band begins with a song that starts slow and trancey. Eventually, it builds up, getting heavier and heavier. The crowd responds with a swaying motion. The song crecendos with Perry screaming at the top of his voice, and at the same time, throwing off the hat and glasses, revealing his crazy dialated eyes and mane of blue dreads. He's flailing his body like mad on stage. The crowd responds in kind.

Now, I'm not a slight man. Rather large, you could say. But when this audience moved, I was thrown around like a ragdoll. And not in a dangerous or violent way. It was like the crowd was one undulating, living force. I couldn't believe it. That was a great show...

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