Monday, March 15


Stuff I did:

- Paid a visit to Home Anthology to catch-up with Rob and Nini. Since our last visit, their inventory has grown to some impressive quality furniture. Case-in-point: two Jacobsen Egg chairs. I'm sure you realize that no straight man should care so much about a swivel chair, but this is like a vintage Strat to a guitar aficionado. I sat, I slunk, I swivelled. Yeah, it was really cool.

- Over a pot of coffee yesterday morning, Heather and I made a to do list. Even though it was mostly awful, mundane housework chores nobody really wants to do, we put all the points on the killboard, save for cleaning the porch. (It was just too damn cold.) Truth be told, I have to give Heather mad props for tacking the behemoth laundry pile that lurks in the basement. Now all our clothes are clean, the bedroom dustbunnies are vanquished and I have a spotless tile floor in the lavaratory. Now I just have to keep it going.....

- About 4:30 I suggested a walk. On the way up the hill, I figured we could drop off the Pack and Play to Mike and Meg. Well, the quick drop-off turned into a seat on the couch, then a cup of tea, then more chit-chat and gossip over (evil) former neighbors. Maybe next week we'll get our walking swerve on. Oh, well.

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