Thursday, March 4


*Thursday Three*

Thanks to Miss Lis, this week's thursday three is about regrettable fashion choices.

1. Most ill conceived hairstyle you ever sported?

Let's review, shall we? I'm a North Jersey Italian-American boy who came up in the 80's. Hmmmmm.... Let's see... Is it possible I used to wear a Mullet when I was younger? Um, yeah. I did.

2. Most tragic ensemble you wore with pride but would now like to invent time travel just so you can go back and kill yourself (or at least the person who took those awful pictures)

I'd have to say the electric teal-and-black bold graphic sweater I got one Christmas that I paired with black Army cargo pants is about as bad as I got. Oh, right, matching electric teal socks, too. Bear in mind, this was the phase of pegged acid-washed jeans with Reebok white leather hightops. But, even by comparison, this is pretty damn awful.

3. Anything from your younger days that you wish you could have back and wear again?

My first favorite t-shirt: 'Keep on Truckin' by R. Crumb. Had it when I was about six (1975) and wore the hell out of it.

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