Thursday, June 30


Like weeds.

Ay-yi-yi. I uploaded some pictures for the first time since early June. Wow. Declan's head has grown to the size of a grapefruit. Emmett is getting his second chin. Calia is still packing down the Similac.

My Peaceable Kingdom.

I am so proud.

Tuesday, June 28


Steppin' Out

So just after feeding the kids this afternoon, we decided to have our first official family outing.

First, we thought if we're going to show off the babies, they needed a good hosing-off. Mom rocked the kitchen sink like a vandal. Like a bucket brigade each kid got the washcloth and then the towel treatment, followed by new diapey and fresh onesie. Then shuttled into their respective carseat and finally loaded into the Toyota.

First stop, Heather's place of former employ. Once in the office lobby, we were swamped with cooing twenty-something ladies and handling all the F.A.Q.'s. Then back in the van and up the road to visit BreakAway. Again, lots of pointing and staring. At this point, the kids started giving all the sign it was time to eat. Up to the cafeteria we went. The kids did very well despite an audience. Bill and Nate were there to give an assist for a bit.

By this time, it was rush hour. Rather than cope with the traffic, we ducked into the tTarget on York Road. Most comments from strangers were very polite. Most just quietly congratulated us. A few taking more interest and asking about who was who and such. One starstruck man about fifty just wished me luck in a very understaed tone. On the load-in, an adorable 20-month-old girl kept pointing at all the children and saying "Bee-bee! Bee-bee!" Kudos to that mom. She emphatically reminded her cutie-pie to only look, not touch.

When you walk down the street with an elephant on a leash, you might attract some attention, yes?

Saturday, June 25


No test pattern here.

Since the kids have been home, I've watched a lot of T.V. I mean a lot.

Aside from entertaining me in between late-night feedings, it makes good white noise for the kids. Since their days in the NICU, they've always been in a never-silent, never-dark environment, so the telly provides both, in addition to turning what's left of my brain to mush. When I'm not channel surfing, I've been learning things.

First of all, America is apparently completely dogshit ugly. There's a make-over show somewhere for somebody all hours of the day. And I mean on every cable station, even during the program scroll on the T.V. Guide Channel. She-geeks, middle-aged moms, straight men, and even people who think they vaguely resemble a B-list celebrity get their buff, polish and fifteen minutes thanks to legions of fay stylists on sabattical from the Hamptons . Christ, I'm sure if I watched more Animal Planet, there's probably a makeover show for dogs. (A "make-rover", if you will.)

Also, American Movie Classics will show any stupid-assed movie, particularly at 3 A.M. Case in point: The Puppet Master. One bleary overnight feeding I caught the stop-motion spectacular that was the climax of this marionette gorefest. Hoo-boy, what crap. As far as I saw, it was only two out of three. American, well, yes I suppose it was made in the States. A movie? Apparently It was shot on celuloid film, I can't dispute that. But a classic? Even with my irony meter turned way up to high, it barlely moves the needle off zero. Bleeechhh.

Drama is alive and well and living on send-away product advertising. Seriously, the craft is living in it's purest form in all those frustrated would-be consumers fiddling with the old ways of doing something. The furrowed brow, the twisted visage and the physical contortions shown as the voice-over intones like the Greek Chorus: "Has this ever happenned to you?" Brilliance!

Finally, I have to admit I am solidly in Daddy-man mode. Any tearful reunion in any movie of the week or, worse yet, a dramatization of children in danger in an insurance ad, and I well-up and want to hold all three babies close.

Tuesday, June 21


To tell you the truth...

...there's really nothing new around here, per se.

The kids are growing like crazy.*

Mom is here during the week, as usual, lending a hand with the running of household and, of course, smothering the triplets with kisses.

Oh, that's right. The kids are eight weeks old today. Another point of trivia is their full-term due date is on Wednesday.

The learning never stops: they're learning to calm themselves and we're learning to not jump up at every last moan and grunt the kids make.

Thursday will be a real hoot at the pediatrician's. Shots. Hoo-boy.

*Emmett gained 7 ounces in five days, for example

Thursday, June 16


I <3 Kellog's

Ever since the kids got home, my eating habits have slid into the depths of the most pre-packaged convenience.

If Mom isn't here to cook it, most likely, my next meal will come from Battle Creek, MI. Eggos, Pop-Tarts, Nutri-Grain bars, Chex, Cheerios; tear it open, throw it on dark, or pour milk over it. Dinner is served.

Wednesday, June 15


The Brizzi Twins' Studio of Interpretive Dance


Yep, he's here. That's Emmett on left showing his brother Declan a fresh move.

Saturday, June 11


Big weekend.

Still no Emmett at home. The NICU is telling us Wednesday or so. *sigh...* We'll see.

But, boy howdy, there's a whole host of activity going on around here. Thursday evening Heather's dad, stepmom and brother flew in from Kentucky.* Plus Mom was here until noon on Friday, so dinnertime was a full house around the dining table. Once again, Big Bad Wolf Barbecue saved us with pork ribs and a whole mess of sides.

So, as far as the kids who are here, they're doing great. Although Declan seems to fuss when he's put down after a feed. Our solution is to set him in his rocking seat. Calia is still a great eater, usually finishing her 100cc bottle in no time. And she burps like a trucker.

*They deplaned into the shiny new terminal at BWI. Big, bright and airy.

Tuesday, June 7


A two-ring circus just isn't enough.

Yesterday we had our first family outing since bringing Dex and Callie home on Friday. Heather had a 6-week check-up at the Perinatal Center, plus we wanted to visit Emmett at the NICU, so we loaded up the kids and trucked over to St. Joe's.

Needless to say, when you cart around two preemie newborns, you attract a lot of attention. Some folks smile, some pause and coo, while others stop you cold and compliment the children profusely. Then when you spring on your unsuspecting victim that there's a third one still upstairs, you get a whole world of double-takes.

The carseat rule rings true: put 'em in a Graco and they fall right to sleep. They even slept long enough for Heather and I to get a spot of lunch at the cafeteria. Then at one, it was time to see Emmett.

We woke and fed the kids in the parent room. While Heather let Emmett drink from the source, I protected my children from the White Trash Extravaganza that parked itself around us. Not to spend too much time on other peoples' dirt, but I think the NICU is no place for a clueless MeeMaw and two tween grandson's. Especially when they rough-house mere inches from my babies. Believe me, once that hand hit the carrier handle to steady a fall, I got my full-blown Daddy voice on. Believe you me.

Once Heather finished with Little Man, I went in and gave him is supplemental bottle. Spening a few days away from him mad me realize how small he really is compared to his siblings. He's a mini-Declan! So cute, so petite. If things still go as they've been going, we can get him on Wednesday afternoon. I'm real excited to have all the kids home.

Sunday, June 5


At home.


Saturday, June 4


We're keeping them.

Their first night wasn't too bad. Of course, they fussing here-and-there, but we managed to keep them on some semblance of a schedule.

One thing we realized is a majority of their feeding issues at the NICU were bottle related. Here at the house we're using the Dr. Brown's bottle system. I don't know who this guy is/was, but his bottle causes less air in the stomach. The kids can pace themselves and breathe when they have to. Plus they really seem to enjoy bottle time.

Anyway, yeah, they're still real easy. They eat, they pee and poo, every once in a while they squawk for a binky or have some spittle. The eruption doesn't last long. Either by fixing the issue or just by them getting exhasted and giving out, the crying stops pretty easily.

This will end soon. The closer to term they get, the less day sleep they need and the less deep it gets.

I am doomed.

Thursday, June 2


"[Tomorrow] There's Gonna Be a Jailbreak" or "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad"

Declan and Callie get sprung from the NICU tomorrow. I'm very excited, that is when I'm not sh*tting a brick the size of a Cadillac. Emmett, they tell us, gets his walking papers the middle of next week.

One small downside is that the kids will need to be on a home monitor. We had a training session for about an hour today. Basically, if the electrodes are attached properly, and the connecting wires aren't flaky, it "should work just fine". Oh boy...

But, wires and all, I'm very very pleased we'll finally have babies in the house. Squeeeeeeeeee!!!

Wednesday, June 1



A new month! Which means a new 2oMB for free on Flickr.




I've uploaded just over a dozen pix this morning and I've already used 15% of capacity. So one of three things will happen: less pictures, lower resolution pictures, or I actually pay money for picture hosting. Any suggestions?

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