Friday, August 26


Radio Ga-Ga

After putting it off for far too long, last night we tried to sleep upstairs with the monitor on.

After the kids had their bottle around 11-ish, we turned of the TV, dimmed the lights and put on the toy what makes lullaby white noise. Slowly, we crept upstairs and laid in bed. Listening. Listening hard.

Listening past the buzz of the receiver. Listening so hard you swear you can hear the air molecules moving around and banging into each other. Listening and waiting for any baby-oriented sound.

Eventually, someone would squawk or sigh. Was that a cry? Do I go now? Oh, wait, now they've stopped --- hey, was that a sneeze?

Apparently, I did go to sleep because I was woken-up by Callie and Emmett crying and sniffling about two A.M. I wrangled Heather down for a team effort. They were done in about 20 minutes. Plus, we took the time to fill some clean bottles. Back upstairs, I checked the clock: 2:40. Not bad.

It wasn't that simple, of course. More than twice we came down to replace a missing binky and a re-settling.

Oh, and Declan slept all night in the swing for ten hours straight.

Tuesday, August 23


everything. nothing.

I love my neighborhood. It's 1:40 and the loudest sound is the cricket noise outside.

What's new? Everything. Nothing. I should mention that we have had many visitors over the past weeks. Mainly, Granny Terry came up for a week. She gave us the gift of sleep by pulling a week solid of nightwatch. That ruled. Plus, she was very generous with "mad money". This past weekend, Uncle Mark made an appearance en route to No.Va. to see a close friend's baby son. We saw him Friday night, twice Saturday, and Sunday Morning. It was nice just to hang-out and catch-up and to play with the babies.

Oh, the babies. The fog has lifted. I get smiles and eye contact all the time. It's brilliant to see these little lives blossom into these distinct personalitites. I'm in fear of becoming one of those fathers that gush over every last thing. It hard not to.

I've been taking snaps, so pics to come.

Wednesday, August 17


Dear Weather,

How have you been? We're fine.

It seems like ages since we've seen each other. I was so glad to see you this morning, I actually took the long way to work. As far as mornings go, nice job. I'll give it a 7.

Apparently, your cousin Hell dropped into town while you were away. Look, you need to let him know that he can only stay for a couple of days from now on --- and no weekends!

Anyway, glad your back, come see the kids, and lets do dinner one night soon.


Friday, August 12


Fair trade

Thanks to La Receptionista for allowing me the privelege to design a blog banner for Hammer and Peg.

We struck a bargain. I made her the banner and I get her hard work and toil in the form of hand-stiched embroidery on some clothes for the kids.

Make sure you drop-in and say hello. Also, check out her handiwork at Pinprick Designs.


Quiet time.

Now that the children are older, the old tricks don't always work.

It's no longer 'feed/sleep/feed/sleep'. In my opinion, they're solidly out of preemiedom and are eye-rolling, nuanced creatures. A simple binky-in-the-mouth routine doesn't always work. They know who we are and sometimes just wanna hang out. That's cool.

Or they're just bored. There's a long time of just being a baby, when you're a baby. There's lots of things to learn, Buster. So quit yawning and let them snuggle.

We have a decent arsenal of distraction devices, when the babies are tired of you smiling at them like fools. (...although the birdy mobile on the swing is broken.)

Now that the babies are aleep, I now need to settle my furry child, Mollie.

Monday, August 8


The New Fatigue

Can I really write an entire post about being sleep deprived?

I mean, it's really not under the general heading of 'what's new'. It's no secret that it's been the modus operandi to stay-up late or wake-up in the wee hours.

"I'm tired. I'm tired. Waaaaaauughhhh!" No shit.

But it feels like I've hit the wall. Repeatedly. Then I crashed through it like Kool-Aid Man ("Oh Yeahhhhh!"). Once on the other side, I realized I was nauseous. I threw in the towel, called-in the relief and tried to relax.

But first, I had to throw-up. Four heaves and a shower later, I fell in a deep, fitful sleep.

Wednesday, August 3


"You have been well trained my young apprentice...

...they will be no match for you."

Monday, August 1


Compare and contrast. Discuss...

Little Man

Mom brought me a Compact Flash card to download that was full of photos of the kids when they were only two weeks old. Seeing these pictures amazes me with how much they've grown in a short amount of time.



Have I mentioned the in-laws were here this weekend? They dropped-in before their vacation to the ancestral lake house in Sunapee, N.H.

It's sort of been a blur since Friday afternoon. I can clearly remember sleeping both Friday and Saturday night, thanks to Joe and Connie splitting the night watch. There was also some take-out ribs, a massive amount of Summer plantings for the yard, fresh corn, a new bottle of Bombay Sapphire, a pizza and copious amounts of iced tea interspersed over our weekend.

They fly out of BWI tomorrow morning, so tonight they get a well-deserved night's rest for their travels tomorrow. After two days, I'm back on the overnight. After my first hour, things are finally settling. At one point I had Callie wanting to finish her bottle from midnight as I was feeding Declan. Then Emmett began to fuss.

Right about here, the spidey-sense took over: put Declan down in the swing, feed Callie for an ounce while giving Emmett a pacifier, then put down Callie to change Emmett, keep an eye on Declan, re-swaddle Emmett so he'll take the passie and stop losing his mind, calm Callie down and feed her another ounce, check on Dexy in the swing, put Em's passie back in, make Callie burp, reset Dexy's swing, put Callie down, re-swaddle Em, administer necessary coos and calmings, make sure nobody throws-up and write down all the pertinent info on in the log book.

At times, I imagine this is what hip-hop deejaying must be like.

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