Wednesday, September 21


7 things

7 Things I Plan to do Before I Die:

1. Maintain a healthy body weight. About 200 pounds should fit.
2. Visit Sicily.
3. Speak another language fluently. (Besides English.)
4. Have my own business. Make a that a sucessful business.
5. Dance the Foxtrot.
6. Play drums on stage with a band. Even just once.
7. Raise three good people.

7 Things I Can Do

1. Make a killer cheese and onion omlette.
2. Calculate my 9-times tables on my hands.
3. Build a campfire. (Without gasoline.)
4. Draw well with vine charcoal.
5. Remeber minute details about long past events.
6. Kick your sorry ass at Scrabble.
7. Stay married.

7 Things I Cannot Do

1) Auto repair
2) Kill a defenseless animal.
3) Run fast for very long.
4) Calculus.
5) Sit Indian-style on the floor.
6) Drink all night.
7) Win a fistfight.

7 Things That Attract me to the Opposite Sex:

1) Eyes
2) Smile
3) Intelligence
4) Laugh
5) Hiney
6) Boobies
7) A tolerence for geekiness

7 things that I say most often:

1) Right on!
2) FAN-tastic!
3) Who dis?
4) Let's get lunch.
5) F*ck!
6) Goorgle-hmmph-umphaba. (Repeated baby babble.)
7) Yes, Dear.

7 celebrity crushes:

1) Aisha Tyler
2) Alyson Hannigan
3) Bettie Page
4) Christina Ricci
5) Kristen Davis
6) Emilie de Raven
7) Teri Hatcher

5 people I want to do this:

Hey. As far as I'm concerned, if your reading it, you can fill it out.


Oy! having a bidness may not be as hard as triplets, I wouldn't want to try them both, but hey! You go right ahead, buddy. My best advice is to have a couple hundred k in hand before you open.
7 Things I Plan to do Before I Die:

1. Get married. (I still have to meet her.)
2. Host a holiday dinner.
3. Visit Italy and Sicily.
4. Go to the Superbowl.
5. Own a pet. (Cousin Brian doesn't count.)
6. See Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore and the Grand Canyon.
7. Paint my bedroom.

7 Things I Can Do

1. Touch the tip of my nose with my tongue.
2. Name all the U.S. Presidents in order (and recall them by number individually).
3. Make someone laugh.
4. Make Baked Alaska, Eggs Benedict and Tira Mi Su from scratch.
5. SCUBA dive up to 3 fathoms (99 feet).
6. Sing.
7. Fill out my brother's inane surveys that ask you to name seven things.

7 Things I Cannot Do

1. Play ice hockey.
2. Brown Nose.
3. Root for the Boston Red Sox.
4. Curl my tongue.
5. Follow politics.
6. Live in Columbus, Ohio. (I tried for 6 months.)
7. Eat fungus.

7 Things That Attract me to the Opposite Sex:

1. Intelligence.
2. Confidence.
3. Smile.
4. Body shape.
5. Hair.
6. Social Graces.
7. Posterior.

7 things that I say most often:

1. "Obviously..."
2. "Mnnnnnnnt!"
3. "Per---haps"
4. "That AIN'T happenin'.."
5. "Alllllllllright."
6. "AWWWWW, C'mon!"
7. "Sh*t."

7 celebrity crushes (Alphabetical Order):

1. Halle Berry
2. Sandra Bullock
3. Alyson Hannigan
4. Elizabeth Hurley
5. Kate Jackson
6. Heather Locklear
7. Alicia Silverstone
1. get married
2. stay married
3. make sure daughter gets good education
4. visit China and Japan
5. leave some kind of positive mark on the world

Can Do:
1. Bring home bacon
2. fry up in pan
3. train dogs
4. change a tire
5. stay up all night reading blogs

1. understad fractions
2. get a decent night's sleep
3. deal with poop, blood or hair in the drain without gagging
4. listen to two things at the same time
5. watch a tv show from start to finish

1. Gary Sinese
2. Joaquin Phoenix
3. Vin Deisel
4. The Count Von Count
5. Snoop Dogg

oh wait, it was supposed to be seven? Never mind I'm going to bed!
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